It doesn’t matter if you are a cat or a dog …

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My best friend is a Burmese cat called Ollie.

    Are we going out or staying in?

    My canine colleagues find it a little odd as the only thing they want to do is chase the feline of the species.  I grew up with 3 cats.  They have their certain peculiarities granted, such as sleeping the whole day away,


    Ollie with Misha the Bengal and Tilly the Tortie
    but when animals are bought up together, they learn to accept and love each other.  Here are a few examples:

    Pekingese and rabbit
    Pekingese and fluffy bunny           Photo Credit

    bear line and tiger
    Leo, Baloo and Shere Khan were introduced at the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary when they were very young

    Bubbles the elephant and
    Bubbles the elephant splashing around with bestie Bella the Black Labrador
     And then of course


    Shame people can’t be more like us … 




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