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It all started one grey day in June.  I was running around in a recently dug potato field whilst Tessa was doing her singing in the fields thing, she can sing as loud as she likes and no one else can hear her.  Which is OK.  I love her.  So I think I can get away with telling her a few white lies like “That sounds really great!” and “I’m sure Simon Cowell would like that.” And that is when I saw it …

From Cassie the Blog Dog – The Movie

First day of filming …

“OK Cassie the Blog Dog! Action please!”

“OK Cassie that’s a wrap!  That’s just great! Thank you everybody and see you all tomorrow … Wow! Cassie’s a complete natural guys!  Shame she particularly wants Tessa Barrie to appear in the movie as herself. She’s not exactly a natural on camera and that singing sequence has got to go!”

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How time flies – four years ago. I have run a lot of miles and eaten a lot of treats since then …


Cute, wasn’t I?


Have always loved having my tummy tickled


With my favourite toy


Play fighting with my Burmese cat-brother and bestie, Ollie, when I was about 6 months old.  Nothing’s changed, we still do it now.

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Cassie the Blog Dog is Fabulous at Four

by Bella Bassett-Hound for Dogue Magazine – February 2016

Bella Bassett Hound

I was excited to meet Cassie again.  The last time we met she was just a few months old and trying to set up her own blogging site.  The thing that struck me about one so young was her tenacity.  If she couldn’t do something techie, she would doggedly keep going until she cracked it.

SALLY - IMG_1531

Cassie’s potential was discovered by struggling and random Blogger, Tessa Barrie, the one who posts what you least expect her to at  Tessa gave Cassie a permanent blog slot and the pup began to grow not only in size, from minute to quite small, to becoming a much loved and well followed blogger.  Over the last two years it has become apparent that Cassie’s blogs were far outshining those posted by her mentor.  To the point where Tessa decided that she should perhaps take a back seat.


Recently however, Cassie has decided to go it alone.  I caught up with Cassie on the back of Tessa’s armchair from where she gave me a frank and in-depth insight into her career to date.

Fabulous at Four

BELLA:  Hi Cassie.  You have grown up a bit since we last met and you have achieved so much in a very short space of time.  Your very own blog, Puppy Pandemonium, when you were only six-months old, had a tremendous following and still does.  After that you were a resident blogger at Tessa Barrie’s Lost Blogs for two years.  Now, and you have only just turned four years old, you have set up your very own Blog site.

CASSIE:  Well Bella, it just felt like the time was right.  I have been really lucky from the outset.  Finding such a good home as a pup was a tremendous advantage.  You read so many horror stories these days.  I should know, I write about them.  Tessa quickly saw how keen I was to write and was very encouraging.  There was never a shortage of iPads and laptops to get my paws on, so I had no excuse really.  Puppy Pandemonium came to me after Tessa would leave me on my own for two minutes and would come back in the room shouting “It’s pandemonium in here!”.  So I felt that blogging about it would not only help myself, but other young pups out there to realise that ripping the carpet up or chewing a pair of shoes is perfectly normal behaviour for a puppy and that they were not alone.  Also it gave their humans something to think about too.  Chewing things and weeing on the carpet is what puppies do, but we learn to control these things don’t we?

BELLA:  We certainly do Cassie, we certainly do?  How did the Talk to Cassie feature at Lost Blogs come about?

CASSIE:  Tessa originally took me on as a cub reporter and I loved it.  Going out and about meeting new people and writing about them, I was in my element.  One of my earliest interviews was with Doodle the Dandy Dinmont who was being traumatised by his family’s awful old cat.  I would just like to say that I am not remotely prejudice.  I grew up with 3 cats.  They are part of my family unit.  One of them, Ollie, is my bestie.

BELLA:  Your best friend us a cat?!

CASSIE:  Yes Bella.  His name is Ollie and he is a Burmese.  I do get some very odd looks from some people when I tell them that!  He thinks he is a dog and I don’t like to burst his bubble.  Anyway, I went on to write about the plight of Ana, a Romanian street dog and after that, I started getting emails from all over the world, asking for my help.  The first email I received was from a Batu, a Tibetan Mastiff with anger management problems.  Tessa had been receiving a fair amount of hits from Mongolia at the time, mostly because Lost Blogs were getting even more lost in translation to Mongolian.  Anyway that is how Batu heard about me.  In fact his problem, was easy to solve because, all he needed was the right girl and he found one.  They now have three pups and Batu no longer has anger issues.  He is too busy being a good Father.

BELLA:  Of course another milestone for you last year was meeting Rufus Labradog at the MBA (Man’s Best Friend) Writer’s Worksop.


Rufus Labradog – Host of the MBF Writers Workshop 2015


CASSIE:  What can I say?  Rufus has been such an inspiration to me over the years.  He is such a fantastic writer.  I am sure you have read Good Dog, Bad Dog which won him the Barker Prize in 2014.  If you haven’t Bella, you really should, it is a fabulous read.  Rufus has been tremendously supportive not only with my blogging but with my book as well.

BELLA:  Ahh yes …. and finally to the book.  I hear you have found a publisher?

CASSIE:  I certainly have.  It is so exciting!  Tessa and I started writing our novels at about the same time.  Snarler and Growler have given me an enormous advance to finish mine, so they seem to be confident that the book will be a success.  I am sure Tessa will find an enthusiastic publisher soon.

BELLA:  It has been a pleasure talking to you Cassie.  Thank you so much for your time and the very best of luck with both the website and the book.  I hope next time our paths cross it will be at the Barker Prize evening.

CASSIE:  My pleasure Bella and let’s hope so!  Hang on, I can hear the postman, I have to go and chase him!  I just can’t help myself.

BELLA:  Do you mind if I come too?  I can’t resist postmen.






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My bestie and partner in crime.  Ollie the Burmese is self confessed headonist and someone who needs 18 hours sleep a day in order to function.

Ollie sticking to his punishing daily schedule

I was bought up with 3 cats.  The girls were not too sure what to make of me as a puppy but Ollie and I hit it off straight away.


He likes to think he rules the roost, but he doesn’t of course, I do!  But don’t you tell him that!

Ollie sharing a joke with a young fan

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