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Grizelda and yorkie
Talk to Cassie!  She is a great problem solver!  She has taught me to stand up for myself.



Feral puppies in Bucharest – “We love you Cassie! We were born in a drain, now we all have homes with  humans who really love us now.  Thanks to you XXXXXXXXXXXXX
– Sweet Doodle the Dandy Dinmont – “I wouldn’t have survived my first 6 months without you Cassie – thank you XXXXX”
demon cat
Doodle’s nightmare – Grizzly Gremlin – who  unfortunately is still a part of Doodle’s household –  “Meddling Agony Aunt dog!  I have been banished to the shed!”
Ana – The Romanian Street Dog – “Charsssee.  Ou saved a my life.  I love ma new home.  I can never thaaaaank you enouuf.”
Batu the Tibetan Mastiff – “Dis photo of me makes me lorff.  I have no anger issues any morrre now Hi’m a Dahhhddeee!  Thank you Cassie”
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